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Nerea Palacios - Game of Thrones house themed soccer uniforms

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Georges Méliès
December 8, 1861 — January 21, 1938

“The camera I was using in the beginning, a rudimentary affair in which the film would tear or would often refuse to move, produced an unexpected effect one day when I was photographing very prosaically the Place de l’Opera. It took a minute to release the film and get the camera going again. During this minute the people, buses vehicles had of course moved. Projecting the film, having joined the break, I suddenly saw a Madeleine-Bastille omnibus change into a hearse and men into women. The trick of substitution, called the trick of stop-action was discovered…”

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Matthew Simmonds.

These breathtaking sculptures are carved right out of the rock by artist Matthew Simmonds and they’ve really left me in awe.  See more below!

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Jean Rousseau - 17th Century pocket watch

Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex [Wikipedia]